selwyn rodda

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I am an Australian based painter, draftsman and digital (stills) artist. 

My work traverses distinct yet related formal, conceptual and psychological terrain. Landscape, unpeopled and remote and people, other animals and other beings huddled in groups. And biomorphic oddities whose origin and purpose is unknown and unknowable. Pervading it all is the human animal and its desire for transcendence  ...and the wreckage and trauma, political, personal and environmental, of that urge. But also the attendant joy and self-forgetting of that vaulting out of 'animal' immanence. Vertical and horizontal extensions of being, the celestial and the lure of the mundane. Self-abnegation, the desire to deny, suppress and overcome our biological constraints and the seemingly inevitable collapse into the very same. Civilization and its discontents. But also its contents. And finally what might come after the human experiment, or at least accompany its survivors into a strange new world.

The work evokes some of these enduring themes, yet playfully, in the optimistic belief, despite the ravaging of the world that sustains us, that the human story is unfolding still.